If I identify as PDA, 
and some 'diagnosed' don’t like it. 
I just say – get on ya way
I could not care one bit

But reality is, that I do mind
Because it makes me less inclined
To be the me
I'm wired to be

I mask in class
I mask on task
I’m holding it all in 
You can’t see how my avoidance 
Is taking toll within

It is obvious to me 
That I have ADHD
But as I am yet to get the proof
and until that comes, does that mean I'm just a goof

These things are me,
my identity 
it’s not yours to question
that is my suggestion.

Rejection sensitivity, creates a fear in me
That I’m not your cup of tea
A part of me couldn’t care less
Another part feels intense distress 

So, when my identity is discussed
You really must
Include me
You seee…
You don’t know my inner world
Like I do not know yours
Our Neurodiversity may be similar, by definition,
but personalities shape us too
to make our composition

The group is for others like me
that could not pay the fee
to get that certification of proof
to prove you are not a spoof

that should not mean we are open to critique
if that could be respected, it would be magnifique

And that is why I want to voice
That PDA and ADHD is not a choice

We do accept that people say 
some may identify as PDA
but do not have the wiring 
but isn't it inspiring
that it’s so well known of today
And if it helps to have a name
that stops us feeling immense shame
we may have come to avoid, from different roots
but now were sharing the same boots


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