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Current Events: PDA – U.S.A. Facebook Group Review

This is a blog version of a video I did recently on my YouTube, linked here SUMMARY Graeme Storey severely restricts adult PDA voices in his groups, but especially in the larger groups that he claims are geared only toward families with PDA children. Graeme lays claim to multiple PDA-themed groups spanning the globe with around 5-10 thousand members despite him being neither PDA nor residents of those countries. Beware of the groups PDA Global, PDA Australia, PDA New Zealand, PDA USA, PDA Adults Global He makes exaggerated claims to his authority, referring to his personal vetting process as “accreditation”. The process for joining his groups is EXTREMELY restrictive and not PDA friendly. When confronted with criticism he blocks and deflects blame. I personally chose to reach out to Graeme after publishing my video, sharing with him my reasons for making it and how I believed he could make improvements. I was blocked and banned from his groups. It’s well