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Prejudice and discrimination facing the BAME neurodivergent community

Free PDA interview with Emma Dalmayne

Q 1) What should people be aware of when considering the BAME neurodivergent community? Emma: They should be aware that we have been judged for our skin colour as well as our stims and difficulties with communication. They should take into account the fact that we may come from backgrounds that were and are not understanding or accepting of autism. Discrimination is something we are used too. Q 2) A recent article stated that Black and Latino children are often overlooked when it comes to autism. Is this true in your experience? Do you believe this issue affects BAME neurodivergent adults as well? Emma: Yes, it is common. Parents may be reluctant to have a child assessed and diagnosed as in many cultures, autism is seen as a curse or a disgrace on the family. They may rubbish any suggestion of autism and say it is a label, that their children are simply stubborn or wilful as this is what they have been told by family and friends. Churches for instance m…